Jose Roberto Montes Ochoa

Jose Roberto Montes Ochoa

Surgical Oncology
General and Laparoscopic Surgery
Patient Demographics: Adult, Elderly

"The medical attention I consider that we must have empathy with the patients, more than a doctor to be a friend, someone in whom the patient and relatives can trust, for the early recovery of their health. The patients must be the fundamental piece in our medical act, acting with honesty and respect but above all with humanism."

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Procedures (45)

Laparoscopic appendectomy
Laparotomic cholecystectomy
Laparotomic hemicolectomy
Thyroid surgery
Abscess debridement and drainage
Anal abscess drainage
Axillary drainage
Benign cutaneous tumor removal (epidermic cyst, nevus, lipoma, angioma)
Bile duct evaluation
Chemotherapy catheter placement
Colon diverticulitis surgery
Cutaneous biopsy
Diagnosis of sentinel node
Diagnostic laparoscopy
Epididymal cysts resection surgery
Epigastric hernia surgery
Exploratory laparsocopy
First consultation
Gallbladder surgery
gluteal abscess drainage
Inguinal hernia repair
Laparoscopic sigmoidectomy
Low anterior colorectal resection surgery
Lymph node biopsy
Meckel's diverticulum surgery
Mohs skin
Mucus biopsy
Open appendix surgery
Ovarian cystectomy
Pelvic lymphadenectomy and / or aortic
Post surgery follow-up
Segmental colectomy
Sigmoid Resection
Small sized wound suture
Subcutaneous biopsy
Thyroglossal duct cyst and fistula surgery
Total colectomy
Umbilical hernia surgery
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Medical conditions (20)

Colorectal cancer
Gastric cancer
Lung cancer
Thyroid cancer
Adrenal tumor
Bladder cancer
Breast cancer
Colon cancer
Gallbladder cancer
Head and Neck Cancer
Kidney cancer
Kidney stone
Pancreatic Cancer
Penis cancer
Perinuem cancer
Prostate cancer
Skin cancer
Testicular cancer
Uterus cancer
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General Info

About me

I am a very human person, I like to treat patients as I would like to be treated in case I need medical attention or any of my relatives. My career is very passionate, to see the satisfaction of patients and their families for helping to recover their health, to change their quality of life and to rejoin their lives that is priceless. I consider it a race of great dedication, passion and above all commitment, In this race there is an hour of entry but not of departure, but when it is done for love, it is something that does not cost me.


English, português brasileiro, Español


  • Specialty in Surgical Oncology. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. March 2013 - February 2016
  • Specialty in General Surgery. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. March 2009 - February 2013
  • Surgeon. Universidad Regional del Sureste - Escuela de Medicina y Cirugia, Oaxaca de Juarez. August 2001 - July 2008
  • Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery - Gynecology and Endometriosis, IRCAD, Brazil

    September 2015 - October 2015

  • Microvascular Surgery

    June 2014

  • Workshop on the Management of Carcinomatosis - Instituto Jalisciense de Cancerología. Guadalajara Jalisco

    June 2014

  • Congress of Pain Medicine and Palliative Medicine - National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubiran


  • Course of complications in Abdominal Surgery and Advances in Surgical Technology - Service of Experimental Surgery at CMN "20 de Noviembre", ISSSTE


  • Diploma Degree

    Laparoscopic Advanced Surgery - Hospital Juarez de México

  • Hospital Rotation

    Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery - Hospital Do Cancer City of Barretos, Brazil

  • Technician Degree

    Microsurgery - Hospital 20 de Noviembre

  • Hospital Rotation

    Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery - IRCAD, Brazil


  • Certified by the Mexican Council of General Surgery cod. C13012113. - active

    Medic and Surgeon - Mexico

  • Mexican Council of Oncology 1585
  • Doctor Attached to Thorax Surgery Service - National Medical Center Siglo XXI
  • Docente en el Curso en Línea en actualización para Médicos Cirugíageneral y coloproctología de segundo nivel en manejo de cáncer de colon y recto.
  • Cartel con Título “Tumor de Células Gigantes en Mediastino Posterior tratado con resección en Bloque y Reconstrucción”. 1er. Encuentro Internacional Multidisciplinario de Debates en Oncología. Mazatlán Sinaloa, La sociedad de Oncología y Especialidades Afines A.C
  • 1er Encuentro Internacional Multidisciplinario de Debates en Oncología. Participación como ponente, Mazatlán Sinaloa, La sociedad de Oncología y Especialidades Afines A.C
  • Evaluación por inmunohistoquímica de la expresión del HER2 en cáncer gástrico. Estudio clínico-patológico de 93 casos. Cirugía y Cirujanos. 2016.